Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The best worst case scenario?

So I was taking my two oldest to school today because my husband has a men's group he attends at church every Wednesday morning.  I was excited for the kids to go back to school since the cold weather kept them home Monday and Tuesday.  They were excited to go back too.  The morning went perfectly!  Kids were dressed, fed and in the car on time to get to school.  We have a half hour drive to school and were all set!

We had the heat blasting since it was 0 degrees outside, brrrrrrr!  As I started to go up a hill about 30 seconds from our church, I saw some lights come on the dashboard.  None of which concerned me until it said, "engine power reduced".  As I pushed the gas pedal to the floor I realized I was losing power and speed.  I quickly put on my hazards and found a place to pull off of the busy highway I was on, which wasn't easy from all the snow we have had!

The kids immediately started saying, "Why aren't we moving mom?  Why did we stop?  We have to go to school!"  Aaahhhh!!  I'm sure my pregnancy hormones didn't help but all I wanted to do was break down and cry.  Why isn't my car moving?  It's freezing out?  How am I going to get the kids to school?  How am I going to get this car to a repair shop?  And how much is THIS going to cost?!

So what's the "best" in this worst case scenario of being stranded on the side of the road pregnant with four little kiddos in back?  My husband was 30 seconds away!  And of course, he swoops in and saves us just like a daddy/husband should!  He is often on the road at different business meetings 30+ minutes away so that fact that he was right there was like a miracle.  When he got to where we were, he immediately hopped in the driver's seat and was able to back the car into a nearby driveway.  How he is able to back into tight spots with traffic whizzing by, I'll never know, but I sure am thankful he can.  He was immediately switching car seats in the freezing cold weather and getting everyone buckled in while I was able to stay warm in the car.  He was on the phone calling the car repair shop and getting everything figured out before we were even five minutes on the road.

Luckily we found out that the issue is a moisture issue that often occurs when the weather is soooooooo cold and not something like the transmission, that's the next part of this "best worst case scenario".  When we finally arrived back home with all the kids, I felt such a sense of relief that my hubby was able to take care of everything.  It's really wonderful to be taken care of by someone.  I'm so blessed to have him!

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