Monday, January 27, 2014

The cloud is lifting....

It has been such a long time since I have been able to blog.  Well, not just blog, eat, play with my kiddos, carry a conversation, read, or just plain anything that you need to have your eyes open to do!  I feel so blessed to be pregnant AGAIN!  But the nausea with this little one is worse than any I have ever experienced and I have had nausea with all of my children.  I thought I was sick with my last little one but that was nothing compared to this baby!

That being said, I am 13 weeks now and FINALLY feeling better.  I have the best husband.  He would come home and allow me to just go straight to bed until the next morning for the last two months.  I hate to complain because I'm really just happy to be having another baby.

I have no problem complaining about this winter though!  When is it ever going to be over?!  It's enough to allow expletives to come flying out of my mouth in a whirlwind every time I have to step outside and choke on the cold blast that hits my face and freezes my snot before it can even drip out of my nose.  Thank goodness for self control or my children would be learning a whole new vocabulary!  And if it's not F****** freezing out, it's SNOWING!  Not just a little, like blizzard snowing.  Like don't even bother going outside, you'll be buried before you start playing, snowing.

I live in Wisconsin so I get it, we have winter.  Every year.  I like having four distinct seasons, but this is a little over kill don't you think?  Winter came early and has been unrelenting since it's arrival.  ENOUGH ALREADY!  I am ready for spring.  That damn groundhog better not see it's shadow AND be accurate because I am not ok with six more weeks of winter!!

Thanks for reading!

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