Sunday, September 29, 2013

The pumpkin farm

My parents took our family to the pumpkin farm yesterday.  It was gorgeous out, perfect weather to be outside with all the kids.  I just have one question though, when did the pumpkin farm become the PUMPKIN FARM?  Do you know what I mean?  It's not just walking around the fields picking out a decent pumpkin anymore.  There are bouncy houses, trains, wagons, fun houses, slides, tire mounds, corn mazes, giant Lincoln logs, tractor rides, bouncy pads, pig races, pony rides, mirror mazes, general stores, oh yeah, and some pumpkins.

It was awesome that my mom and dad took us because they also changed prices from last year too.  Instead of being able to pay for a couple of the attractions, it's just a general admission to get into the pumpkin farm-$12 per person (2 and under free)!  I can understand charging for kids but to have to pay $12 for each grown up to stand there and watch their kids play is a little ridiculous.  Don't get me wrong, the kids had a blast, and we go there because of how much they love it there, I just worry that our kids (and by that I mean all children, not just my own) are going to be so used to having things in excess.  We try really hard to teach our kids that they can't have/do everything and just to be happy with what they do have and not complain about what they don't have but I can understand that it must be hard with all the stuff there is to be had...

The kids did have so much fun though and thank you mom and dad for taking us because we are not that nice to pay that much for the kids to run around a pumpkin farm!  My two year old was really fun to watch because he was big enough to do all the activities and he really loved all the bouncy stuff!  I also got some really cute pictures of the baby by all the pumpkins.  My two big kids will go back there on Tuesday for school so we didn't bother buying any pumpkins yesterday.  I love fall!  I'm so glad it's here.  Between school, football, Halloween, and beautiful weather, there is never a shortage of stuff to do!

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Cruel irony

I am so proud of my two year old!  He is finally out of pull ups at naptime AND bedtime!  That's a whole 12 hours of being able to hold it and saves us $40 a month on pull ups!  I was in a state of bliss when I went to pick up the kids from school today so of course I was knocked back into reality.

My son's teacher came out and told me that my son had an accident and they didn't notice until right before I got there.  She told me that the kids were complaining that something was stinky but they couldn't figure out who the culprit was.  I asked my son if he had a little accident and he said yes, he tried to fart but, you know, a little poop came out instead.  Not that this is entirely unusual for him, I'm actually surprised he potty trained as young as he did because he is still the one with the most bathroom issues!

Well, we got in the car and started to drive home.  I asked my son when he had his accident, thinking it had just happened.  He said, "At rest time."  Three hours ago at rest time?  What?  Oh, wait, after about five minutes, I am starting to gag and have to roll my window down just to smell some fresh air.  How could it have only been a little stinky in the classroom when the car smells like a port-a-potty after only a few minutes?  So then he says, "Guess it's time to stop wearing boxer shorts."  He recently switched from tidy whities to boxer briefs.  Sorry buddy, different undies don't encourage accidents.  I reassured him that it was not because of the undies and asked why he didn't tell his teacher.

He told me he thought that everyone would be mad at him and that he didn't know how to clean himself up so he didn't want to say anything.  Aww, now my heart is feeling sad for my poor little guy running around in poop all afternoon pretending like he didn't just crap his pants.  I told him that no one would be mad and that that is what grown ups are for, to help people.  I also reminded him of the extra clothes that are at school just for this type of occurrence.  He then told me that they didn't have regular toilets, just urinals, which I know is not true but I think he is just really nervous to go poopy at school which I totally get because I HATE public bathrooms.  I'm actually really weird about bathrooms, I really only like to go potty at my own house, but that's another blog post!

I had to call my husband and tell him, mostly because I wanted his help once we got home.  When I told him what had happened he started laughing so hard I couldn't understand what he was saying and then it made me laugh so hard that tears were rolling down my cheeks.  Thank goodness the kids are in the way back of the car and the music is too loud for them to hear anything else!  I won't go into too much more detail, as this topic is gross enough already, but let me just say, he did not have a "little" accident.  After further discussion he admitted that he didn't want to not be able to participate in centers and if kids go to the bathroom during rest time, they can't participate.  So he pretty much laid there and took a dump in his pants out fear of being eliminated from a fun activity, then proceeded to go about his day playing, having recess and sitting at his desk before finally admitting after dismissal that he pooped his pants.

Oh my precious four year old.  These are the stories I can't wait to tell him about when he has his own kids!  Good thing he is the constant optimist and puts a positive spin on any situation.  He was even laughing, jumping and playing while washing his poop off in the shower.  Just when I think I have the whole potty situation under control....Oh well, here's hoping he doesn't poop his pants again tomorrow!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Go Packers!

We LOVE Packer Sunday in our house!  We make a bunch of different fun foods and wait all morning to eat our snacks with the game.  It is so much fun to plan and cook and it really gets the kids excited about the game too!  Unfortunately our beloved Packers lost today (boo!!) but the food was still good.

We spread a blanket out on the floor in the living room and the kids were able to dish up their Packer food and eat like a picnic.  We never eat in the living room so that made it even more special.  It was perfect because once the kids were done eating (don't worry, I still had them keep the box of wipes by them for their hands!) my husband folded up the blanket, crumbs and all, and threw it in the washer.

My daughter, who hates almost everything that isn't raw food loved all of our treats, at first anyway.  She loved the fruit pizza because it's pretty much a cookie with fruit on it and I was shocked she liked the spinach dip!  When she tried the pumpkin cookies she said, "Oooo, I love these, these cookies make me smile."  Too funny because after that first "smiley" bite, she decided she did not like pumpkin cookies.  Lol, story of my baby girl!  My four year old on the other hand, loved everything and I don't even think he actually tasted any of it because he inhales his food like a Hoover!

So much fun today!  Now hopefully the Packers will win next week!
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Family cuddle time

My two year old loves to lay in my bed after his bath when he is all ready for bed.  He climbs in, lays his head on my husband's pillow and cuddles up with his blanket.  I love that he does this because it means he's not running around tormenting his other siblings trying to get ready for bed.  It keeps him calm and quiet and, let's face it, it's super cute. 

It was so cute in fact that we decided it would be nice to cuddle with all the kids, even the baby!  The kids have a dream light that projects different colored shapes onto the ceiling.  It's pretty mesmerizing and even as a grown up, I would totally love falling asleep staring up at the ceiling like that.  So once the kids have taken baths, brushed teeth, and put on their pajamas, all six of us hop into my big bed and relax.

It is awesome!  It is the only time in the day that I can think of when everyone is mellow and QUIET!  We all just lay there and stare up at the ceiling, even my four year old is calm!  What better way to end a hectic day than to relax with my beautiful children!  I love family cuddle time!

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Huh? He's what?

I used to teach so I understand that kids can act differently at school than at home, but when I talked to my son's teacher after school today, my jaw dropped to the floor.  She told me he is VERY well behaved!  Excuse me?  Could you repeat that please?  He's what?  Oh, well behaved.  Like, he listens when given a direction?  Does he wait his turn to speak?  Is he kind to his classmates?  All of those things?  Wow!  Huh, that's a little crazy to me. 

I know my four year old is a good kid at heart.  He is very sweet and can be the most helpful of all my kiddos but USUALLY he's bothering someone, breaking something, or just plain wild.  In other words, he's a four year old boy!  He is by far my most challenging child right now and I am working tirelessly to figure out what motivates him.  I feel like most of our time is spent in the negative with him and find every opportunity to praise him, even if it's something as silly as him using his napkin instead of his shirt!

So when I went to pick him up after school today, I was shocked when the teacher told me that he is very well behaved, has great manners, participates well, and is working hard to learn new kindergarten skills.  In a class with ten other boys and only five girls, I thought for sure that he would be in a sea of temptation.  I was so proud of him!  I immediately began to praise him until he cut me short by running across the parking lot to jump into a huge puddle with his uniform and dress shoes on.  Really buddy?  Come on!  At least let me relish in the moment for a little while!

Ugghhh!  Well, at least he's great at school.  If I had to choose, I'd rather struggle with behavior at home.  And who knows, maybe he'll start bringing some of that good behavior home with him, at least that's what I'm going to start praying for!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What are little girls made of?

Emotions!  That's what little girls are made of!  I did a post a while back about what little boys are made of since my four year old exemplifies what a little boy is, but tonight I am surrounded in the chaos that little girls bring to the table.  It is a different sort of chaos, one involving lots of tears, dramatics, and sour faces.  My daughter is the epitome of a girly girl.  She is neat and tidy, even as a baby, she would walk up the stairs using the back of her hands just to keep from getting her palms dirty.  She takes great care of her clothes and I don't think I've ever had to throw something of hers out because she got a stain or tear in it.  She is light and dainty, helpful and motherly, and man is she emotional!

I have to laugh because the slightest thing can send her into an whirlwind of tears, her feelings are hurt so easily!  And while she is crying uncontrollably because of a minor issue, she is begging for a great big hug because she is just so "tired".  Tonight she was crying because I asked her to put her socks away since we were trying to get in the bath for bedtime.  "You hurt my feelings momma!"  What?  Hurt your feelings?  Uh...sorry didn't know that politely asking you to put your socks down and get in the tub was going to send you into a crying spell!  Oh my goodness.  I asked her, "Sweetheart, please stop crying.  This is silly, you can look at your socks tomorrow."

"I just need a hug mommy."  If you add a sob between each word you will start to get an idea of how distraught she was.  "I can hug you but you just got out of the shower, you are soaking wet!"  I joked with her, "I can't
hug you!  It would be like hugging a wet seal, you'll slip right out of my arms!"  She thought that was so funny, she was immediately laughing and dancing around.  Wait a minute, how did she take such a quick right turn, I thought she was depressed about something, now she is a comedienne?  She is tickling her siblings, making funny faces and laughing like she didn't know how to cry! 

Oh man, is this a preview of what is to come?  What is it going to be like when she has real hormones affecting her emotions?  Oh my goodness, I guess I better buckle up now because it looks like I'm in for a roller coaster of emotions with my daughters!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What's in your memory box?

My six year old wanted to go through her memory box tonight.  I had heard of making a memory box a long time ago and thought it sounded like a nice idea so every now and then I add things to the kids' memory boxes that I think are, well, memorable.  I feel a little stuck with those boxes though because I don't want to add too much stuff that by the time the kids are 8 there is no more room to add stuff and I don't want to not add enough stuff that I regret not saving something. 

So what is really memorable?  What are the important things that when you open up the box, you can look at it and say where it is from or why it is special?  I also have to admit that my oldest child's box will have the most items in it because I had more time to think about adding things where as now, I am just happy if I know where the box is!

I'm not really sure what is most important to be saved but here are some of the things that I try to have in each kiddo's memory box:

baptismal candle and towel
outfit they came home from hospital in and hospital hat
outfits from milestone pics (3,6, 9 mos, etc.)
xmas cards starting with the first one they were in
hospital bracelets/certificates
first birthday balloons
a special first birthday card that I write for each child's first birthday

I don't know if this is enough or too much but for now, I guess, it's manageable.  For each child I have a scrapbook for their first year of life and a photo collage for their first year.  I also have a school scrapbook with two pages for each school year.  I put some artwork and the report card in between the two pages.  I have only done this with my oldest so far since she has been the only one in school but I hope that I will be able to keep this up for all of them.  Memories are so wonderful and having things around that can help jostle those memories to life is vital in a digital world.  I am also really excited to have tons of pictures and videos to refer back to as well but having something tangible to hold to remind you of a place in time is priceless!

So what do you/would you put in your child's memory box?

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

What do I do by myself?

I went to church today BY MYSELF!  This might not sound like a big deal but in our family it's pretty rare.  My husband was going to church with his mom for a mass being offered for his father and since the baby would be napping at that time, I went on my own before he left.  Ummm....I am so used to having a kiddo with me that I really don't know what to do when I don't have one with me!  Lol.  I found myself rocking side to side when it was time to stand.  Like my body is so used to rocking a baby that it is just trained to continue to do so even if I don't have a baby! 

When it was time to sit, I didn't quite know how to sit still, I'm so used to having someone on my lap, off my lap, under my arm, in my hands.  So when I'm by myself do I cross my legs?  Where do my hands go?  I feel so awkward without a little one to futz with!  I must not be the only one either because after church several people came up and asked where all the kiddos where!  The lady behind me laughed because she could see me moving all through church.  Oh man, good thing kids slowly grow up so we can get used to them not needing us as much rather than having to go cold turkey like I did today!

What do you find yourself doing when you are not with your kids?

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

He's so CUTE!!

I just can't handle how adorable my two year old is right now!  He is just so precious and has this amazing little twinkle in his eye.  It's funny, but when I am around him, he just immediately puts me in a good mood.  He's absolutely hilarious.  He is really into football right now so his favorite game is to run around the basement while I throw a football to him and if he catches it, I get to tackle him. 

I love that he has figured out that he has language and words and that his words are powerful, that when he uses his words he can communicate.  It has opened up a whole new world to him and because of that, he never stops talking.  He literally talks from the moment he wakes up till the moment he goes to sleep.  I love all his little catch phrases.  "I no see it."  "Wha you doeen momma?"  "I no do it, it to hah (hard)."  "Fah, Sah, Ha Spa, men (Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Amen)."

I really could go on and on but you can't really get the full effect without hearing it anyway.  I'm just so thankful to have this little light in my life.  My two year old has this special gift and I have people come up to me on an almost daily basis to comment on his gift.  I am so excited to see how his gift serves him in the future. 

It's so neat too, to see the older kids melt when they are around my two year old.  At night after we tuck the big kids in bed, he always has to go potty one last time.  When he is done, he goes back into the big kid's room to give kisses, hugs, say I love you, and say goodnight.  When the kids get out of school they are so excited to see him and tell him all about their day.  I love the mischievous little grin my two year old has or the twinkle in his eye that lets you know he is up to something.  I just love the innocence and preciousness of a two year old.  I am really thankful for him, as well as all of my children.  They all have special and unique qualities that make our family so beautiful.  I love how different they all are, it's like having an amazing fruit salad.  Alone all the fruit is great but together they make an incredible combination.  I love my fruit salad!

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Hooray for my four year old!

I am so proud of my four year old today!  He had a great day!  I know this really shouldn't be news but if you were in MY house 24/7, you would understand why it is.  My husband and I are working so hard to praise my four year old, which sounds easier than it often is.  I should really clarify here, and anyone who has a little boy can probably empathize.  My son is a typical little boy.  I used to think that was a cliché, to talk about how wild and crazy and energetic boys are, but now I know it's the TRUTH! 

My four year old isn't naughty (I hate that word anyway), he is just incredibly impulsive and active.  There is no contemplation about behavior and consequences.  You can tell him "no" while he is doing something and he will continue to do it until your voice is either resonating from the rafters or you physically remove him from the area he is in.  Neither of which I prefer to do.  I would prefer to say "no" less than a dozen times and have him listen but I suppose that would be like living in a utopia....

Anyway, he just started 4K so we are working really hard with him to calm down and consider the consequences of his behavior.  We are trying to find the good things he does as often as possible and making sure that he has a consequence when his behavior is disruptive or mean.  My son really responds to positive reinforcement (what kid doesn't!) so I don't care what it is that he does, if it is something I can praise him for, I will.  Things are so hit or miss with him too, you never know which way his behavior will go!

The wonderful thing about him is that he is really so sweet.  He is incredibly helpful and the first one to volunteer when there is a job to be done.  I love seeing him help his little brother too, it makes my heart swell!  Some days are so exhausting trying to keep up with my four year old.  Some days are so frustrating too, like when you feel you can't have him play with anyone because he is just being too rough.  But today, I felt like Goldilocks because everything was "just right".  What a nice feeling to sit down at the end of the day and know that you got to have an awesome night with a little boy who is trying to figure out how to make more good choices than bad choices.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'm right where I am supposed to be!

I love staying at home with my two little ones.  It is busy having the big kids in school but I am so thankful that my four year old has adjusted well to starting school and I think my oldest enjoys that he shares that part of her life now too.  It makes it easy for me to just relish my job as a SAHM.  I LOVE my job.  I literally feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  I love getting up and seeing the huge smile on my two year old's face and when he asks me every morning if the dog is in his room, it makes me laugh.  I love knowing my kids so well because I am the one who sees their needs and meets them. 

My husband is so wonderful and always gushes about what a great mom I am, which is great because I mostly see the areas that I need to improve!  Besides, being a SAHM is not a job that gets rewards or accolades and most people think I just stay at home.  I will never get a raise and there will never be a banquet acknowledging my hard work and dedication.  I will never get an advanced degree or be able to be a role model for co workers.  If staying at home is not satisfying for you because you feel it is not your calling, you will not be content staying at home.  I believe that with whatever vocation someone chooses though.  So anyway, as my husband is asking me how I do it every day, I stopped and thought and finally responded, "It's easy.  It just....flows.  Things just feel right and I can feel a force guiding me as I go through my day.  It works because this is what I was born to do, this is what I was destined for." 

Ok, I know this is deep and highly philosophical, but haven't you ever had a time in your life where things just weren't working out?  Where you put in the work and it was so hard and maybe you got the right results but it felt more like being in the wave pool than the lazy river?  I don't feel like I'm swimming upstream everyday.  Like I said, things just sort of flow, I do feel like I'm floating along down the lazy river.  That certainly doesn't mean that I'm laying around doing nothing, it just means that while I may look like a chicken running around with it's head cut off, inside I feel like a cool, calm, collected mommy doing what needs to be done for my little ones, around the house, etc.  It's a nice feeling.  There's nothing I would change, except maybe another little one to look after........

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