Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What's in your memory box?

My six year old wanted to go through her memory box tonight.  I had heard of making a memory box a long time ago and thought it sounded like a nice idea so every now and then I add things to the kids' memory boxes that I think are, well, memorable.  I feel a little stuck with those boxes though because I don't want to add too much stuff that by the time the kids are 8 there is no more room to add stuff and I don't want to not add enough stuff that I regret not saving something. 

So what is really memorable?  What are the important things that when you open up the box, you can look at it and say where it is from or why it is special?  I also have to admit that my oldest child's box will have the most items in it because I had more time to think about adding things where as now, I am just happy if I know where the box is!

I'm not really sure what is most important to be saved but here are some of the things that I try to have in each kiddo's memory box:

baptismal candle and towel
outfit they came home from hospital in and hospital hat
outfits from milestone pics (3,6, 9 mos, etc.)
xmas cards starting with the first one they were in
hospital bracelets/certificates
first birthday balloons
a special first birthday card that I write for each child's first birthday

I don't know if this is enough or too much but for now, I guess, it's manageable.  For each child I have a scrapbook for their first year of life and a photo collage for their first year.  I also have a school scrapbook with two pages for each school year.  I put some artwork and the report card in between the two pages.  I have only done this with my oldest so far since she has been the only one in school but I hope that I will be able to keep this up for all of them.  Memories are so wonderful and having things around that can help jostle those memories to life is vital in a digital world.  I am also really excited to have tons of pictures and videos to refer back to as well but having something tangible to hold to remind you of a place in time is priceless!

So what do you/would you put in your child's memory box?

Thanks for reading!

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