Sunday, September 29, 2013

The pumpkin farm

My parents took our family to the pumpkin farm yesterday.  It was gorgeous out, perfect weather to be outside with all the kids.  I just have one question though, when did the pumpkin farm become the PUMPKIN FARM?  Do you know what I mean?  It's not just walking around the fields picking out a decent pumpkin anymore.  There are bouncy houses, trains, wagons, fun houses, slides, tire mounds, corn mazes, giant Lincoln logs, tractor rides, bouncy pads, pig races, pony rides, mirror mazes, general stores, oh yeah, and some pumpkins.

It was awesome that my mom and dad took us because they also changed prices from last year too.  Instead of being able to pay for a couple of the attractions, it's just a general admission to get into the pumpkin farm-$12 per person (2 and under free)!  I can understand charging for kids but to have to pay $12 for each grown up to stand there and watch their kids play is a little ridiculous.  Don't get me wrong, the kids had a blast, and we go there because of how much they love it there, I just worry that our kids (and by that I mean all children, not just my own) are going to be so used to having things in excess.  We try really hard to teach our kids that they can't have/do everything and just to be happy with what they do have and not complain about what they don't have but I can understand that it must be hard with all the stuff there is to be had...

The kids did have so much fun though and thank you mom and dad for taking us because we are not that nice to pay that much for the kids to run around a pumpkin farm!  My two year old was really fun to watch because he was big enough to do all the activities and he really loved all the bouncy stuff!  I also got some really cute pictures of the baby by all the pumpkins.  My two big kids will go back there on Tuesday for school so we didn't bother buying any pumpkins yesterday.  I love fall!  I'm so glad it's here.  Between school, football, Halloween, and beautiful weather, there is never a shortage of stuff to do!

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