Sunday, September 22, 2013

Go Packers!

We LOVE Packer Sunday in our house!  We make a bunch of different fun foods and wait all morning to eat our snacks with the game.  It is so much fun to plan and cook and it really gets the kids excited about the game too!  Unfortunately our beloved Packers lost today (boo!!) but the food was still good.

We spread a blanket out on the floor in the living room and the kids were able to dish up their Packer food and eat like a picnic.  We never eat in the living room so that made it even more special.  It was perfect because once the kids were done eating (don't worry, I still had them keep the box of wipes by them for their hands!) my husband folded up the blanket, crumbs and all, and threw it in the washer.

My daughter, who hates almost everything that isn't raw food loved all of our treats, at first anyway.  She loved the fruit pizza because it's pretty much a cookie with fruit on it and I was shocked she liked the spinach dip!  When she tried the pumpkin cookies she said, "Oooo, I love these, these cookies make me smile."  Too funny because after that first "smiley" bite, she decided she did not like pumpkin cookies.  Lol, story of my baby girl!  My four year old on the other hand, loved everything and I don't even think he actually tasted any of it because he inhales his food like a Hoover!

So much fun today!  Now hopefully the Packers will win next week!
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