Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'm right where I am supposed to be!

I love staying at home with my two little ones.  It is busy having the big kids in school but I am so thankful that my four year old has adjusted well to starting school and I think my oldest enjoys that he shares that part of her life now too.  It makes it easy for me to just relish my job as a SAHM.  I LOVE my job.  I literally feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  I love getting up and seeing the huge smile on my two year old's face and when he asks me every morning if the dog is in his room, it makes me laugh.  I love knowing my kids so well because I am the one who sees their needs and meets them. 

My husband is so wonderful and always gushes about what a great mom I am, which is great because I mostly see the areas that I need to improve!  Besides, being a SAHM is not a job that gets rewards or accolades and most people think I just stay at home.  I will never get a raise and there will never be a banquet acknowledging my hard work and dedication.  I will never get an advanced degree or be able to be a role model for co workers.  If staying at home is not satisfying for you because you feel it is not your calling, you will not be content staying at home.  I believe that with whatever vocation someone chooses though.  So anyway, as my husband is asking me how I do it every day, I stopped and thought and finally responded, "It's easy.  It just....flows.  Things just feel right and I can feel a force guiding me as I go through my day.  It works because this is what I was born to do, this is what I was destined for." 

Ok, I know this is deep and highly philosophical, but haven't you ever had a time in your life where things just weren't working out?  Where you put in the work and it was so hard and maybe you got the right results but it felt more like being in the wave pool than the lazy river?  I don't feel like I'm swimming upstream everyday.  Like I said, things just sort of flow, I do feel like I'm floating along down the lazy river.  That certainly doesn't mean that I'm laying around doing nothing, it just means that while I may look like a chicken running around with it's head cut off, inside I feel like a cool, calm, collected mommy doing what needs to be done for my little ones, around the house, etc.  It's a nice feeling.  There's nothing I would change, except maybe another little one to look after........

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