Saturday, August 31, 2013

Go Badgers!

 Today was AWESOME!!  My mom was sooooooo generous and took our family to the Badger game!  I'm going to apologize right now for all the exclamation points that will be found in this post but I can't help it, today was so much fun!!  We LOVE the Badgers in our house.  I am a UW alum and love returning whenever possible, which is pretty much never because with four little ones, it is a feat to take everyone into Madison for the day.  Since my parents got season tickets this year, it seemed like great timing to take the kids to a game.  We didn't even care who they were playing, we just wanted to see the Badgers!
We got up super early today, uuuggghhhh, I hate waking up early.  I actually didn't wake up when my alarm went off because I am such a heavy sleeper but thankfully my husband set his own alarm so that we could all get up on time for the game.  Even though the game was at 11, we had to make sure we had plenty of time, there is nothing worse than trying to rush to get somewhere because children really have no concept of time or what it means to be late!  We parked and had snacks once we got to Madison and my two year old immediately began working his magic on the people in the parking lot tailgating and was able to play a few games of bean bag toss.
 He had high fives all around and my husband was surely winded chasing him from one tailgating party to the next while my two year old laughed wildly with a mischievous grin and twinkling eyes.  All the kids were so excited to ride the bus to the game.  Funny how magical a school bus is to a kid and how stinky, bumpy, and uncomfortable they are for adults.  The kids did a great job walking to the stadium, we had no stroller and the crowd was a massive sea of red.  It was so fun to see the kids saucer eyes staring down at the field seeing real football players for the first time!!  And my daughter loved seeing the cheerleaders with their shiny pom poms.
 All the kids loved Bucky and how he danced around and did push ups after each score.  And when the band played at halftime, oh man!  The kids thought that was even better than the football!!  I loved singing all the traditional songs and teaching the kids how to do the wave.  They experienced so many firsts today, it is unbelievable!  They all loved the "Jump Around" at the end of the third quarter, especially the baby!  We got some great pictures of the kids in their Badger red and the boys had new hats that they wore the entire time!  So cute!  My two year old made a bunch of new friends at the game and a woman sitting next to us held him for most of the third quarter, he is just so funny!  The Badgers won 45-0, which was awesome because we got to see a lot of touchdowns.  All the kids were so good at the game and had so much fun, I hope they remember today when they are all big and grown.  Of course the baby won't, but that's ok, I have a ton of pictures of her in her cheerleading outfit and I can tell her how she slept and played at her first Badger game!  Thank you to my mom and dad for making today possible!  AREN'T GRANDPARENTS THE BEST!!!

Go Badgers!  Hopefully today is a preview of the season!

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