Tuesday, August 20, 2013

8 years ago today....

Today is my anniversary!  I still remember the first time I met my husband.  We knew each other a little bit because we worked at the same summer job but we didn't really know each other.  Apparently he was going to ask me out at work and chickened out.  That night I went to a bar with some friends from work which was weird because I never went to the bar or hung out with people from work like that.  And who would come strolling in but my future husband!  He walked in with a girl and I totally ignored him figuring he was with his girlfriend.  I ended up chatting with him at the bar because my best friend wanted to say hi.  We played pool (I found out the girl was not a girlfriend) and when he was about to leave I went out on a limb and asked if he wanted my phone number, only to be shot down with a quick, "Nah, but you can have mine if you want it."  Uhhh.....really buddy?  Sure, whatever.  He told me to call him in ten minutes and when I did, he told me he was coming back to get me.  I had butterflies then and I still get them now-8 years later!

We have been pretty much attached ever since that summer meeting and I can't help but reflect on how blessed I am that God chose him for me!  This blog is a love letter to my one true soul mate, the only one I could imagine navigating this life with.

Dear Hubby,

I love you more now than I did then because there are so many more dimensions to our life.  You are an amazing father.  I thank God the children have a father like you to be the yin to my yang.  You lighten things up when they become to serious, you are goofy when I am not, you are silly when I am tired.  When you come home from work you immediately dig in to what needs to be done with the house and with the kids, so much so, that I wonder how I handled them all by myself when you were gone.  You are the one who wrestles, climbs, gets dirty, and finds creepy crawlers.  You are the swing pusher, the football thrower, the bike fixer.  You are the strengths to my weaknesses.  I love how much you love and care for our children.  I love that you never shy from your duties to them.  I love how open you are to adding to our chaotic brood!

You are my best friend.  You know me better than I know myself sometimes.  You can read me like an open book when I am trying my hardest to remain shut.  You never gave up on me even when I was at my darkest point, even when I had given up on myself and us.  You are the one I love laughing with, you are the one I want to hold me when I cry.  You are the one who understands that when I am angry, I am really just hurt.  We have had our trying times and weathered out our storms alone.  But I know for certain that I only want to trudge through future obstacles with you by my side.  We are stronger together than we are apart and it took facing difficulties to realize it.  I believe God put me here to be with you, that I was created to be your wife.  I am so blessed and honored to be the mother of your children.

Thank you for providing for our family, for going to work and carrying the financial burden of our survival each and every day.  I have faith and confidence in your ability and desire to take care of us.  I am thankful that you love your role in our family and cherish mine.  I hope you know that I love my role in our family and cherish yours as well.  I love that we are a team, I love how perfectly we fit.

Thank you for being the husband I never could have imagined but am so grateful that you are!  I love you today and everyday.  I can't wait to see how our love will continue to grow and change.  Thank you for being mine, I will forever be yours!