Thursday, August 8, 2013

Busy, busy, busy!

Today was crazy!  I am a total homebody and love NEVER leaving the house.  It's way too hard with naps and schedules to try to throw in an excursion as well.  Today, however, I had to run an errand and thought it would be fine because I am trying to get my infant on a different nap schedule before school starts.  I am a crazy schedule mommy and really despise doing anything that disrupts our plan!  So after we all ate breakfast, got dressed, brushed teeth and fed the baby, we packed into the car and drove to Wal-Mart.  I never worry about taking the kids to the store which, might sound weird, but even though they are all so little, they are always on their best behavior.  Maybe that's because we go to the store so rarely!  It must look odd to see a lady with a baby strapped to her chest walking with three other small children because we got a lot of stares as we walked through the store.  I also got a lot of, "Oh my, you sure do have your hands full!"  Also typical although I never really know what to say to that so I usually just smile and agree.  I am zoned into just getting through the store fast enough that their good behavior doesn't wear off!

Once we got home, the kids sat down for lunch.  While I was making sandwiches, cutting fruit, pouring milk, and feeding the baby, I was also making dinner and putting it in the slow cooker.  Anyone with small children and hoping to have more should invest in a good slow cooker.  Don't buy a small one for thirty bucks.  Buy the good one, even though it's more, it will last longer and when you have very little time, a slow cooker always has dinner ready!  I use mine all the time.  As soon as the kids finished eating I put my two year old down, then nursed the baby and put her down for a nap as well.  Then I ate really quick, wrote a daily scripture blog, played with my two older kids for a little and then started cleaning the house.  As soon as I finished picking up I had to start making dinner for tomorrow.

No, I'm not that organized, although I would love to be!  My mother in law and her sister are coming for dinner tomorrow.  I hate entertaining about as much as I hate excursions!  I made a black forest cheesecake for tomorrow that I have never made before so hopefully that turns out.  Then I made all the toppings for my strawberry pecan salad.  It is my favorite salad and so pretty but a lot of work so I only make it when we have company coming over.   I cut the onions and strawberries, caramelized the pecans and fried the bacon for the salad before running upstairs to get the baby who had woken up.  I nursed her and then got my two year old out of bed.  My husband came home shortly after which would be helpful except he just came down with shingles!

I have never had or been vaccinated for chicken pox and neither has the baby so he cannot help with her and I have to keep my distance from him as well.  We had an insurance claims agent over because we are having an issue with our roof right now.  As soon as he left we slammed down some dinner and I put the baby back down for a nap before our haircutter came over.  Then each kid and my husband proceeded to get haircuts.  While they were getting haircuts I had a jeweler I hired to make a necklace come over to show me a mock up before putting the order in.  Whew!  When do we get to relax?!  While my husband was getting his hair cut, I showered the three big kids and put them to bed.  Then I had to nurse the baby, bath her and get her down for bed.  As soon as I got her down I had to run to the store for my husband who is in so much pain and itchy from the shingles. 

So here I am finally able to relax, blogging just to vent while my husband falls into a benedryl slumber.  Hopefully tomorrow is slightly less hectic!  Thank you God for helping me get everything done today, I don't know how I would do it without Your help!  Please help me keep up with everyone tomorrow too!

Thanks for reading!

Busy Mommy Blogger