Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First day of school

My two oldest had their first day of school today!  They were both so excited they were up before 6 a.m.!  I was a little worried about my four year old being nervous but I think because his big sister was so excited, he was too.  He is such a big boy!  I couldn't take the kids to school because of my chicken pox (sob!) and had my husband take a ton of pics of the kids.  I love to see their big smiles waiting for school to begin. 

The kids attend an independent Catholic school and my daughter is going on her third year there so she is a pro!  She has a bunch of friends from kindergarten and knows the lunch, bathroom, and recess routine.  These seem to be the situations that cause the most stress and anxiety and I tried to prepare my four year old as much as possible.  My daughter was very excited to share this part of her life with him too and was excited to be able to see him throughout the day and play with him at recess.  I wish I could have been a fly on the wall at their school today, I would have loved to have seen them playing together at school!

I had so much fun playing with my two youngest today.  I was able to have the house clean all day and I had a ton of one on one time with my two year old.  We ate breakfast together.  We colored together, talking about colors and how to write his name.  We also did puzzles together for a half hour.  It was so much fun, I can't wait to find more activities to do with him tomorrow.  If anyone has any great toddler activities or websites please send them to me!  The baby was so good all morning.  She is crawling in, over, and through everything and pulling up on anything she can find.  She is such a great baby and still hasn't gotten sick so I am praying she stays that way.

When I went to pick up the kids I could tell that they had been containing their excitement all day because once they got into the car they exploded like little bottle rockets!  They were talking and jumping and singing and teasing and being crazy.  They continued to be two wild and crazy kids (lol, sorry OLD SNL reference!) once we got home.  At home, my two year old joined in their wild antics and the only reason I really don't like kids getting crazy is because someone ALWAYS gets hurt and it's almost always my two year old!  I couldn't wait for my husband to get home because the kids were starting to remind me of baby pigs at a state fair and I felt like a person trying to round them all up.

Unfortunately the craziness continued all through dinner, baths and bedtime.  My six year old told me very matter of factly, "Mom, I have to get all my sillies out before school tomorrow!"  Uuuuhhhhh.  I hope she was successful!  I'm sure this transition will take a while and everything will even out but man do I have a headache tonight.  I feel like a kid crashing after a sugar high.  I can't wait to get to bed!  I'm so glad the kids had fun and are excited to go back tomorrow.  They love going to school as much as I love sending them and I can't wait to see what adventures are in store for them this year!

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