Friday, August 2, 2013

How many kids do I have?

Let me just start this blog with a disclaimer:  I love my husband.  He is by far the best partner I could have imagined for myself to raise a family with.  We are very much in love and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Okay, now that I have made that clear let me continue with my blog.

I have four children 6 and younger.  I am constantly helping them all day.  Children question everything and everything can be questioned.  Children always need help finding their things and need frequent reminders to put their things away so that they can be found the next time they are needed.  Children ask, "What should I eat?"  So why is it that my husband seems to fall into this category as well?  Is he not capable of figuring out where the ketchup is in the fridge?  Is he not able to read the bottle of dishwasher detergent to figure out how to put it in the dishwasher?  Why am I supposed to know where his shoes, underwear, pants and shirts are? 

I am very good of keeping track of my own things and the millions of responsibilities I have in keeping the house in order and the children taken care of.  I work very hard to juggle all the duties of being a SAHM, but when he throws his responsibilities in as well, it's like the straw that breaks my back!  When I was a kid my mom used to joke, "Why do I always have to be the MOM?"  Now I know why.  Once you are a mom, you are eternally responsible for everyone around you and there is no one who is responsible for you!  I relish in my duties as a mom but I am not my husband's mother and find no enjoyment in being responsible for his duties.

Most days my husband walks in the door after work and is somehow able to conjure up about 15 questions in less than a minute.  What's for dinner?  Do you know where my sandals are?  Where are the kids?  What should I eat for a snack?  Do you know where my blue shorts are?  Did you get the mail?  Where's my water bottle?  Do you think I should have a soda?  Oh man, I could go on but I'm getting a headache already.  And he wonders why I tune him out so often.  I have even told him, "When you ask me more than one question in a row, I stop listening."  My favorite question (insert sarcasm) is, "Why are you crabby, did you have a bad day with the kids?"  NO!  Did it ever occur to him that when he comes home the last thing I want to do is to have another child who needs my help and attention?  Doesn't he see that the baby has a poopy diaper, my four year old is coloring on the table, the oven is beeping that dinner is ready, and the sink is still full of the dishes from lunch?

Thank you for allowing me a moment to vent and please forgive me for such a long negative blog!

I pray that I will be blessed with more children but right now I have FOUR.  Please God, help me to have the same patience with my husband that I strive to have during the day with my children.  Thank you for my husband also because for each of his imperfections he has dozens of positive attributes!

Thanks for reading!

Busy Mommy Blogger