Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Savoring today...

Ok, so for those of you who had to read my ranting, anger filled blog yesterday, let me just say I'm over it.  I woke up today to a gorgeous, sunny day and while I was playing with the kids outside, I couldn't help but be filled with contentment.  I prefer contentment over joy, as joy seems to me to be more of a temporary feeling.  I really hate being ornery or angry and just can't hang on to those emotions for very long.  And when it's as peaceful as it was outside today, how could I possibly not just relish in the perfection of the moment?

 What a beautiful scene!  As school quickly approaches (two more weeks!) and I face having two kids in school instead of just one, I am filled with emotion watching my children getting bigger.
 I remember when my baby was so tiny and worrying about how quickly she was (or wasn't) gaining weight and now she is eating baby food, Kix, and crawling all over!  She is so happy and content, she's an amazing baby!!
 Watching my older daughter with her makes my heart swell, she is like a little mommy, always concerned for her younger siblings and helping them and playing with them.  It is so beautiful to see the two of them together, I hope they maintain this sisterly bond!
 I am in complete awe at God's beautiful creations.  I remember bringing home my oldest, she was so tiny, and praying that she would be healthy.  I remember wondering if we would be blessed to have more children, the road to having my oldest was so long and difficult...
 So to be blessed with four, I could not feel any luckier!  To be able to spend these wonderful days at home with them, I know what it truly means to be blessed.  I read a blog yesterday where a woman expressed that "the rainbow is enough".  I knew exactly what she meant and could not want for anything more than I have today.
I hope I will have a picture with more children someday, but if I don't, I know my children are enough.  Thank you God for the gift of my family and these beautiful summer days to remind me of my blessings!  Help me to cherish each moment I have with them, especially the serene ones like today!
Thanks for reading!
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