Monday, August 5, 2013

What did he say?

My two year old wakes up talking.  The second I open up the door I hear, "Hi momma!" and he doesn't stop talking until he falls asleep at naptime.  In fact, the only way I know he is asleep is because he isn't talking anymore.  I love all of his little one liners.  We just celebrated my oldest daughter's and my birthday so he has been singing that very often.  He has also just learned the word "scare" so he likes to say that a lot too.  He will often say, "That scare me momma." with a very sad face and when I ask him what scared him, he will look around the room to find something to name as the culprit. 

I love that he is always in conversation with you.  And if you are not responding with some "mmhhmms" or "oh I see" or "really?", he will repeat what he is saying over and over, increasing his volume until you do.  Most of the time I don't really know what he is saying exactly.  I might be able to get the gist of the conversation or the topic he is referring to, but I can't always make out specifically what he is trying to communicate to me, which is fine with him, as long as I just keep responding!  I have started to whip out the video camera as much as I can with him because he is at such a cute stage in his language development that I know soon I won't remember how funny he used to talk and all of his little catch phrases.

I think that two is by far my favorite age.  I know that might sound crazy, I mean who wants to deal with a boundaries pushing toddler completely incapable of reasoning?  But I have had two other two year olds and I have to say, that age is just a blast.  By three they know the rules very well so it's not as "cute" when they misbehave but at two they are just learning the ropes, testing the waters, and trying to figure out what is and isn't acceptable.  When a six year old is sneaky it is more a practice in dishonesty but when a two year old is sneaky, they are usually trying to be silly and who can resist that little grin and the twinkle in their eyes that tells you they know they are doing something mischievous?  I can't tell you how many times my husband and I have to leave the room because we don't want him to see us laughing, because if you let them see you laugh, forget about it!  You are done!  They will then know it is funny and proceed to showcase whatever inappropriate behavior it is as often as possible just to get a snicker out of you!

Now don't get me wrong, I love and appreciate all the stages of development.  There is something precious in each stage of a child's life and we are careful to emphasize where each child is in that development to help them feel proud of where they are.  But, ah, those two year olds.  With their silly, quirky ways.  They just win me over every time and even their misbehavior is too cute to hold a grudge against.  Thank you God that I will have another two year old to come and hopefully many more!  Please help me to have the energy to continue to keep up with them!

Thanks for reading!

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