Friday, August 30, 2013

Done with the first week!

The kids have finished their first week of school and everything went great!  They both love their classes and have made some new friends and caught up with old ones already.  I'm so excited to watch the growth of my four year old.  He is so impulsive and even though he is very smart, there are skills he has yet to develop, especially those that are fine motor.  I worked really hard with him to teach him to write his name this summer but none of my techniques were helpful.  I can't wait to see how he writes his name by the end of the year!

Meanwhile, at home, I am having a blast with my two year old.  Here is a synopsis of our day:  He wakes up, "where my shoes?", shoes on, shoes off, socks on, shoes on, shoes off, socks off, shoes on, eating breakfast, "where my water?", baby up, socks on, shoes on, watch a show, throw footballs, run around like a crazy person, color, do puzzles, shoes off, socks off, potty, eat a snack, socks on, shoes on, play more football, color, do puzzles, shoes off, socks off, eat lunch, go potty, TAKE A NAP!  I would have put more spaces in that description except the day moves along and my son moves constantly to the point that there are no breaks!  I am just trying to keep up with him, give him some fun activities, one on one time and take care of the baby too!  Good thing she is so content or my house would be destroyed by my two year old!

At least our days are not dull and by the time I have to leave to pick up my older kids, I wonder where the time went.  Once the big kids come home it is just as crazy.  They have to put away their school stuff, do homework and chores, watch a show, and clean up before dinner.  I don't know how people make dinner if it's not a casserole or something in the slow cooker.  If I can't make it ahead of time, we don't have anything to eat for dinner.  Thankfully I have a husband that will eat anything and say it's the best thing he's ever had.  Don't worry, I don't think my cooking is that great, I have children to squash that ego, lol!  Anyway, I can tell already that this year is going to fly by and I am really looking forward to some of the milestones ahead.  Tomorrow we are taking the kids to their first football game!  Go Badgers!

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