Thursday, August 1, 2013

The joys of motherhood?

How come when you find out you are pregnant, no one tells you the truth?  No one tells you that there are some things you should savor because they will soon never occur again, at least not until your children are old enough to not want to have anything to do with you!  There aren't a lot of things I want.  I don't want a new car, I don't need a new house, I don't care about vacations or going out to dinner.  I don't need fancy designer labels or 100 pairs of shoes.  There are really only two things I want and I don't think it should be too much to ask for.  Maybe some of you moms will be able to empathize with me...

All I want is to be able to go to the bathroom and take a shower without children walking in, arguing, needing assistance, or just plain wanting to visit.  Let me put a disclaimer out there:  I love my children and spending time with them.  I love sharing special moments with them and I appreciate how much they want to be with me because I know a time will come when they don't want their friends to know they even have parents.  That being said, is it too much to ask that when I am on the toilet, that my children could understand that I can't help them?  Why do they think I can make a sandwich while I am clearly busy. 

When I am asked if I can put butter and syrup on their waffles while I am, well, you know, I want to respond with, "Are you kidding me?  Can't you see I'm a little tied up right now?  Is it that hard to wait until I am in the kitchen?"  Why is it that the second I step into the shower, someone comes in the bathroom crying because someone else isn't being nice?  All I want is to have a five minute shower where I can wash the stink from the previous day away.  I'm not even asking for a long time in a bubble bath or even enough time to shave my legs in the shower!  I'm just asking for FIVE minutes so I can wash the grease out of my hair.

These are the things that no one tells you.  No one lets you know that you will never again have privacy!  I'm not trying to complain, well maybe I!  I love how much they need me right now and at the same time, sometimes I loath how much they need me right now.  It is such an odd paradox to be in.  And as I listen to my two oldest hysterically laughing downstairs, I realize that while I only wanted to have ten minutes to enter a quick blog, I really better see what is so funny because when children are laughing that much, it usually means there is something inappropriate going on!!

Thank you God for all the times my children drive me crazy, what a great way to help me learn the virtue of patience, charity and temperance!  Please help me to appreciate them while they are little and not be anxious for when they are older and more independent.

Thanks for reading!

Busy Mommy Blogger