Friday, August 9, 2013

My poor quasimodo!

My poor husband!  He has come down with a case of shingles and it is only on the front left quadrant of his face.  You wouldn't think it would be that bad but the poor man has shingles in his eye and it is so swollen he can't even open it!  He looks as bad as he feels.  He tried to muscle through but was actually sent home from work and is now napping like he should be.  Our dinner plans are canceled so all the work yesterday was rather unnecessary but oh well, I'm not one for entertaining anyway.  It's kind of funny because when he first went to the doctor and found out he had shingles, I could not even see a rash.  We looked it up on WebMD and joked about how horrible shingles look and he was glad his wasn't that bad.  Guess we spoke too soon...

I love my husband but his red, bumpy, swollen face is pretty gross and with one eye perfectly normal and wide open and the other sealed shut because of a puss pocket, he looks pretty gross.  The kids however don't seem at all affected by his new appearance.  And even though they are sad he feels sick, they are mostly just interested in when he can wrestle with them again and if he will be able to take them on the rides at the fair tomorrow.  I love how blissfully unaware children can be.  There really is nothing more precious than the innocence of a child.

In the meantime, even though he's here, it's more like I am by myself since he is on A LOT of medication and he can't touch the baby because she has not been vaccinated.  Not that I am worried.  I am comfortable running the house by myself when I have to.  I mean, if I can take care of three kids while I am eight months pregnant with the flu while my husband is in Germany for a week, this will be a piece of cake!  I just hope he feels better in time to go to that Packer game...otherwise I guess I would have to go for him, lol!  Please God, help my husband heal and thank you for the gifts You have given me so that I can manage until he does.

Btw, sorry for the TMI!

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