Sunday, August 18, 2013

How long do I have to be the Tooth Fairy?

My baby (ok, she's six) just lost her first tooth.  How exciting!  She was psyched to put her tooth under the pillow last night.  Just in case anyone has a child reading this blog, I'll give you a second to ask them to stop as I am about to reveal something major....Are you ready?....Ok.....I am the Tooth Fairy!  Ok, I know all of you know this but this is the newest role I have taken on.  I've been Santa for a while, which I must say is pretty easy to do.  I keep presents hidden in a closet way up high.  I hide the wrapping paper too!  Then, while kids are sleeping, I bring all the presents out and put them under the tree before they wake up on Christmas morning.

Being the Tooth Fairy is much harder and more nerve racking!  First, we almost lost my daughter's tooth.  While we were heading up for bed last night my daughter asked me where her tooth was.  Uhh.....I had no idea.  She told me she had it in a baggie on the kitchen table and my heart dropped into my stomach.  I had run around the house picking things up and putting everything away before dinner and at the time I didn't think about it, but after my daughter asked me, I distinctly remembered throwing out a (seemingly) empty baggie on the kitchen table.  So I had to go digging through the trash, which of course had all of the disgusting food and scraps from dinner in it, including the coffee grounds my husband conveniently waited to throw out.

Thankfully I was able to find the tooth and put it in a different, cleaner baggie.  My daughter excitedly put it under her pillow and begged her four year old brother to stay asleep so the Tooth Fairy would come.  Then I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I asked my husband around 10:30 if he thought the kids had been sleeping long enough to go in there and switch the tooth for a quarter.  He thought they would be in a deep sleep so we proceeded upstairs, quarter in hand.  He asked if I wanted a light on while I went in there.  Uh, no.  I don't really want to get busted on my first go at being the Tooth Fairy!

I went in on my hands and knees and crawled over to my daughters bed, carefully finding the bed skirt and moving my hand closer to the pillow, nervous I might run into her little hands or poke her in the face on accident.  I found her pillow and slid my hand underneath.  Success!  I felt the baggie and slipped it out from under her pillow.  Then I could hear my son starting to move in his bed and began to panic.  I quickly started to stuff the baggie with the quarter in it under her pillow and was sure that the crinkling of the bag would wake her up.  I ran out of the room not even sure if I had gotten the baggie completely under her pillow or not.    My heart was racing!  I was so scared that one of them would come running out of the room and catch me in the hallway, tooth in hand!

Luckily, everyone stayed asleep and my daughter awoke to a bright, shiny quarter under her pillow that she quickly showed all her siblings and then stuffed in her piggy bank to make sure it didn't get lost.  So seriously, how long do I have to be the Tooth Fairy?  I want my kids to have some of those "magical" experiences I remember from my own childhood but it is so nerve racking to make sure that spell does not get broken.  How old are your kids when they stop believing?

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