Sunday, August 11, 2013

Baby, you're a firework!

Hubby and I took the kids to a fair in town.  It is one we go to every year and I've been going to it ever since I was a kid.  We downplayed what we normally do because my husband is still in pain with shingles but the kids at least got to ride some of the rides.  Later we walked up to my parent's house and the kids ate and swam in the hot tub, which they love!  It is so cute to see them all swimming and splashing in there, you would think it was a full sized pool.  Then we had the kids shower and get pjs on because the best was yet to come-fireworks!  They have an awesome fireworks display and the kids were so excited.  We packed special treats and juice and were out on the driveway just in time for the fireworks to start.

Only problem is, they didn't.  9:15 rolled around and no fireworks yet.  I was trying to get the baby to sleep in the bjorn because at this point it is way past her bedtime, so my husband pulled out some glow in the dark bubbles.  The kids were so excited and took turns blowing bubbles.  My two year old's face made me laugh every time I looked at him because the bubbles had gotten all around his mouth and all you could see in the pitch black was his glow in the dark mouth moving!  Lol!  It was so cute!  9:30, no fireworks.  9:45, no fireworks.  Are you kidding me?  When are these (insert swear) fireworks going to start!  I was starting to feel that they were not worth the wait and contemplated putting kids in the car and leaving.

Finally, 10 pm, fireworks!!  I don't know how anyone, at any age can see fireworks and not smile.  The kids loved the fireworks and I loved seeing the kids light up with each one.  Then it occurred to me, each of my children is a firework.  My oldest, is every pink, purple, and dainty firework that bursts in the sky because she is a tiny, dainty, girly little person.  My four year old is those fireworks that spin and scream all over the sky because he is constantly moving, making noise, and never stays in one place too long.  My 2 year old is that firework that you see going up, up, up and looks like it will be boring or small, but once it bursts, it is huge and takes up the whole sky.  And when you look at it, you can't help but smile at how this tiny flame brought such big joy.  And my baby is the fireworks show on the ground, all the little shooters than don't even get higher than the trees.  Because even though they are small and sometimes hard to see, they bring something different and unique and beautiful.  Man, my children are amazing and I can't help but watch something as beautiful and unique as fireworks and think how lucky I am to get to see fireworks everyday!

Thank you God for my beautiful little fireworks and I hope there will be more to come!

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