Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Calm before the storm.

Just when you reach a place of peace and tranquility, along comes catastrophe.  I woke up with a headache and feeling nauseous (no I'm not pregnant) and with 80 degree weather and high humidity, we decided to just play inside.  I have all the window shades closed to keep out the scorching sun and the cool air is keeping the house comfortable.  The three big kids are doing a great job playing with each other, calmly reading books, and dancing to music.  The baby is happy crawling around and exploring each toy in the living room. 

The alarm on my phone went off (yes, I'm that anal with my schedule) to let me know it was time for lunch so I asked my two year old to go potty so we could sit down and eat.  He ran to the bathroom and I began to hear the splishing and splashing of water.  Wait a minute, what?!   Why the, what?!  I quickly ran over to the bathroom, still within sight of the living room, and immediately saw that the toilet was creating a small flood in my bathroom, hallway, dining room and kitchen.  Now keep in mind this is TOILET water.  I quickly go into crisis mode yelling for the kids to get every towel they can find in my bathroom upstairs. 

The boys ran upstairs like mini aid workers passing towels down the stairs like an assembly line.  I ask my daughter to go over by the baby and keep her occupied with Kix, her new found greatest pastime.  Where do I start, where do I start?  The water is flowing like a mini river stretching to find an outlet.  Do I start at the source or go for the mouth of the river?  I choose both, throwing towels at the toilet like grenades hoping they stop the hemorrhaging.  Then I run to the dining room and lay towels down like sandbags to keep the flood from spreading.  The boys, oddly enough are not interested in being caught in my frantic storm and run down to the basement, just wanting to make it out of the kitchen alive and dry.  My daughters are in a paradise of toys where the flood will not threaten them.

I use every towel in the house and my feet (there is no way I'm using my hands!) to clean up the water, then wrap each towel inside itself and throw it in the washing machine.  I am never so thankful to have washing machine with a sanitary cycle, ready to kill the bacteria lurking in each soppy mess.  Then I pull out my antibacterial spray and vigorously wipe down the floor until it is so clean it shines but I know my OCD will force me to go back into the former war zone and obsessively clean it at least once more.  And the PTSD I have acquired from seeing toilet water running through my home will keep me from seeing anything but germs and bacteria where toilet water once stood.

Ok, I'm clearly exaggerating here but it's funny to me how God must have seen me becoming complacent in my day and decided to liven it up for me.  He always keeps me on my toes.  Maybe He just wanted to see if there would be swear words emanating from my lips or prayers....

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