Sunday, August 4, 2013

Let's get back to normal, shall we?

I love the weekends, who doesn't!?  Hubby and I took the kids to a local zoo that is free yesterday.  My two year old was entranced by all of the animals.  His eyes were like saucers the entire time and seeing each animal brought on a new experience for him.  It was so exciting to watch!  My 6 year old also had a very exciting day because she discovered she has her first loose tooth!  Don't we all remember that feeling of being able to wiggle our tooth, wondering when, oh when, will this tooth ever fall out?  After watching all of her friends lose teeth, she just can't wait for her tooth to finally fall out. 

The weather was beautiful yesterday and the kids were so good at the zoo, we decided to take them out to dinner as well.  We spent two hours at a restaurant and even allowed the kids to go to bed about an hour later than a typical night.  I could not believe how well they all behaved at the restaurant!  Even the baby was good.  She just stayed in her car seat the entire time, eating baby food and playing with her feet.  The kids ate well, sat still and used great manners.  What more could parents ask for?!

Well forget about it.  We paid for that good behavior yesterday with some horrible behavior today!  Since my two year old skipped a nap yesterday, he was absolutely exhausted today.  I don't know how your kids show exhaustion, but mine cry.  A lot.  So every time he asked to do something or have something or see something, and the answer was no, he proceeded to cry for about 10-15 minutes.  He did this all morning.  In the car, at church, at the breakfast table, outside, inside, at the lunch table.  Then, while I was preparing dinner at lunchtime, feeding the baby, washing the dishes, and while my husband was working out, my precocious two year old decided to pee his pants while sitting down at the table.  I say "decided" because he has been potty trained for almost 6 months and he never has accidents.  He then proceeded to splash the pee pee around with his hands and feet, laughing hysterically.

I am usually calm and cool but after all of the crying, I couldn't handle it.  I yelled for my husband to come and help, which he did and after cleaning him up, he promptly put him down for his nap.  He was clearly tired because he fell asleep immediately.  After his nap, I assumed that he would feel better and well rested.  He slept for four hours!!  I was WRONG.  Terribly, terribly wrong.  He cried.  A lot.  He cried so much that I had to take out my video camera.  I know that might sound mean but come on, what better opportunity would I have to someday show him how he used to behave!  Lol!  The funny thing was, he liked the fact that he was being video taped so after crying for a couple of minutes, he began to laugh and sing songs.  He is such a ham!  Even when he is crabby or misbehaving, he is so darn cute! 

Thank you God for the amazing, memory making days like yesterday and the hair pulling, memory making days like today!  Please help me to handle both with appreciation and patience.

Thanks for reading!

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