Thursday, August 22, 2013

So....this happened...

I got chicken pox.  Yeah, it sounds weird.  Maybe some of you remember my post about my husband having shingles?  Well, as much as I THOUGHT I stayed away from him, apparently it was not far away enough.  I joked about sending him to his mother's house until his rash was completely gone and now I wish I had!!  I've had a headache since Sunday or Monday.  I thought this was due to not wearing my glasses while on the computer and reading so I put on my glasses, took ibuprofen and ignored it.

Tuesday I was feeling nauseous and just not right.  So after a pregnancy test revealed that I am NOT pregnant, I figured I was getting the flu, which I get surprisingly often.  I felt nauseous all day Wednesday and had a fever so again, I abstained from eating a lot and thought I needed to brace myself for the flu.

Then last night, I had my husband turn off all the fans and cover me with 5 fleece blankets and still couldn't get warm.  My fever spiked to 102 and all I wanted to do was go to bed.  I was so exhausted that I could barely get up the stairs and change into long sleeved pjs.  In the middle of the night I woke up in a sweat and tore off all of my layers, thankful to break my fever, only to find what I thought were spider bites on my face.

I was still feeling nauseous this morning and was running a temp between 101 and 100.  I was also extremely exhausted and started to do what you should never do-self diagnosing.  After paging through some extremely rare possibilities, I stumbled onto chicken pox.  Wait a minute, could it be?  I was so careful....I looked at the symptoms.  I had every single one, except for pox.  I ran to the bathroom, lifted my shirt-AAAAHHHHHH POX!  Holy crap, pox?  I checked my legs, yes pox.  And my face?  Well, let me just say, it is throbbing from pox!

I called the nurse, she laughed and said, "Yeah, sounds like chicken pox."  Well, my concern is not really for myself, I'll be ok, albeit uncomfortable, tired and nauseous, but my true concern is for the baby and anyone else that I came in contact with that could get this.  Don't worry, I made all the calls to people I saw in the last few days.  The nurse says the baby will be fine but will probably get it, although on a positive note, she can't scratch so that makes it a lot better for her.  She didn't think my two boys would get it either since they have had one varicella vaccine already or that they would just get a mild case.

As for me?  Well, I guess I forgot to ask about myself, mother's are sorta known for that I suppose....I did call my OB to see what I can take to relieve itching and pain since I do still nurse throughout the day.  Now my eyes are focused on my littlest one, praying she either doesn't get it or doesn't get it too bad.  We will gladly accept some prayers for us to get well quickly!

Thanks for reading!

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