Friday, August 16, 2013


I think I have said this before but two is my favorite age!  Two year olds still take great naps.  They are so inquisitive and full of curiosity at the world around them.  Two year olds discover something new about their environment every day.  They learn new skills, can reach higher heights, and are ever more anxious to do things "All by my relf!"  I love how language development seems to explode at this age as well.  Most kids are usually saying words and starting to string them together but sentences are so much more complex at two!

My two year old's language makes me laugh everyday, it is so cute I can't stand it!  I have to get it on video because there is no way for me to imitate it and in ten years I probably won't remember how he sounded.  My little guy was a little slower in language development than my four year old and hubby and I wondered when he was ever going to start talking.  It was totally worth the wait!

Here are some of my favorites:

Any songs he sings, especially in church because he is the loudest singer and so emphatic!  I am also really enjoying his rendition of "Happy Birthday". 

"That scare me."  It's not just the fact that he says this all the time, or the tiny little voice he uses, it's is the big puppy dog eyes and the slightly upturned mouth that let me know he is saying it to be silly that pinches my heart every time!

"I need that."  He just started saying this.  How do kids come up with saying things they need?  We were in the store and he said, "Oooo, nummy food mama, I need that."  What?  I'm sorry but this is so cute it actually makes me want to buy what he is asking for!

"Hi" "Bye" and "He no say hi/bye to me."  He has to say hi to everyone, about two inches from their face and opening and closing his hand like he's doing Morse code.  He is so friendly and wants everyone to be his friend which causes him to be terribly offended when someone does not return the greeting.

"I no see."  He says this anytime he is asked to go and get something.  He will haphazardly look around him and then resort to saying he can't see the item in question.  Mostly this is in protest for doing anything himself when he would really rather have you do it for him.

and finally

"Why?"  This is his newest and cutest response.  When I ask him to go get his pjs, "Why?" or there's no more cereal, "Why" or I need you to put your shoes away, "Why". 

Man, kids are cute.  I must say that like a hundred times a day.  Thank you God for my most adorable clan of cuties!

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