Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How do we capture the moments?

Lately my two year old has been getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, which would usually annoy me but there is something about him that is special and unique.  He has an aura about him.  It's not even something I can put into words exactly, it's something you can just feel when you are around him.  His smile is absolutely infectious.  I can't even be tired when it's that late at night once I see him smile and hear his angelic voice. 

As I sat up with him tonight, I wished I had my video camera.  He was laughing and making jokes.  I was laughing out loud at how funny he is.  He has such an uplifting energy, an energy that immediately puts you in a good mood.  I want to capture him on video so I can always remember how he was at this age.  It makes me sad to think that there will come a day when I don't remember how he sounded, laughed, behaved at two years old.

So how do we capture those memories, those precious everyday moments?  I take a lot of pictures but that doesn't capture the sounds.  I try to video tape important events but it doesn't showcase our every day life.  I have the feeling that even if I could tape every moment of everyday, it still wouldn't be enough to help me remember it.  You would think that maybe just certain ages would be the cutest.  Infancy, toddler years, kinder years.  But I look at all my children ranging from 7 months to 6 years and they all seem to be at the most precious age.

Maybe when my children have children, I will be able to remember how my children were by seeing how my grandchildren are.  I just hope that I can capture enough tidbits on camera and enough special moments in photos that I won't forget all of it.  More than anything I want to remember the joy that has been brought into my life by God through the light that is emanating from these beautiful children He has gifted me.  I know people think we are crazy when we say we are open to more children, but when I see these four beautiful faces every day, I can't imagine not having them as a member of our family because of all the unique gifts they bring.  Therefore, how could I say no to the idea of bringing in another family member who will bring even more great memories of love, laughter and learning!

Please God watch over my beautiful children, and help me to capture all the moments, the ordinary and the extraordinary, found in each day!

Thanks for reading!

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