Monday, July 15, 2013

A day of catch up

Mondays are always my catch up day.  No matter what.  The laundry needs to be folded, the kitchen needs to be picked up, and the toys lying around every square inch of the first floor and basement need to be put away.  Not only did I have my usual catch up work to do, I also took Saturday and Sunday off from working out.  It seemed like a good idea and necessary at the time but now I'm wishing I didn't have to make up all that time!  The treadmill is one of those things for me though that even though I don't want to do it EVER, once I'm on and after I'm done, I feel so awesome.  My body feels lighter and so does my mind.  It also gives me a great opportunity to talk to God, offer prayer for those in need, and reflect on what I'm trying to accomplish in my life, not just physically but spiritually, emotionally, etc.  It is also one of the only times I can listen to music that I like that I NEVER want my children to hear!

Mondays are probably my least favorite day just because there is always so much to do after a busy weekend but it is also calming to me.  It brings me back into reality, back to the day to day routine, back to the mundane.  Back to normal.  And back to normal is always a good thing.  Mondays are like God's way of hitting the reset button.  So even though, I don't like Mondays, thank you God for hitting the reset button for me every Monday and giving me a fresh start each week!

Thanks for reading!

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