Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy birthday!

Today is my birthday.  It feels like any other day.  I don't need anything and we are cutting back as many extra expenses as possible so my husband and I agreed to not have presents.  I'm trying to lose weight so I chose not to have a cake and today was like any other day.  I didn't feel sad or upset.  I felt like any other day, perfectly content.  I went about my day as usual.  My two oldest children made me birthday cards and they were so excited to give them to me.  It was so adorable to see the excitement in their eyes for my birthday.

While waiting with my four year old for my daughter to be finished with her swim class, I started to prepare him for what was going to happen once we got home.  We talked about how we already ate dinner and that we were just going to go home and take baths, read books, say prayers and go to bed.  He immediately became upset.  He started crying saying no and that it was my birthday.  I told him, "I know it's my birthday but we still have to have bedtime."  He just cried harder and I couldn't figure out what he was so upset about.

Finally he told me, "But mom, we didn't have cake yet!"  I couldn't help but laugh and said that we had no cake at home.  He cried even more and said, "But it's your birthday, we have to have cake!"  It was so adorable.  He just couldn't understand how I could possibly not have cake on my birthday because there are always cakes on birthdays.  It reminded me of how bright eyed and innocent children are.  When you are a child, birthdays are magical and meaningful.  They are a time to celebrate how special a person is and there are certain things that are a must, like cake.  Even though to me my birthday is just like any other day, for my children it is still a magical day and next year I will make sure I have a cake on my birthday.  Not because it is something I need but because it allows my children to see that birthdays are special and can continue to be magical at any age. 

Thank you God for allowing the innocence of my children to open my eyes and teach me something today!

Thanks for reading!

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