Friday, July 12, 2013

A little behind in learning to blog...

Hello everyone, er, anyone who is reading this.  I am a child of  the digital age but when it comes to blogging, I might as well be an 85 year old lady because I know pretty much nothing about blogging!  All I know is that the Real Housewives have blogs that apparently cause a lot of problems, seeing as how they are always being referenced on the reunion shows.  I guess I'll start by just saying a little about myself and why I decided to not be a "blogger virgin" anymore.

I am a SAHM and have been for the past 6 years.  I used to be a teacher at a public elementary school but after having 3 miscarriages in the first 12 months of my marriage, I felt that God was trying to pull me in a different direction.  Well, I wouldn't say I heard God's voice at that particular time in my life since it's hard to hear much of anything when someone is that lost in their own pain and anger, but now I realize that God wasn't trying to whisper to me, He was in an all out scream!  After completely turning away from my faith and my marriage, I became pregnant with my oldest.  It was a difficult pregnancy due to my own constant worrying about losing this precious life growing inside of me.  My daughter was born healthy and I was pregnant again by the time she turned 1. 

Somewhere during my fifth pregnancy, I had an "aha" moment.  I had suddenly felt God's hand in my life.  Not just where my life was at that particular moment, but throughout my entire life.  I compare it to being in a dark room and suddenly having the lights turned on.  Suddenly, I saw everything around me in a way I had never seen before.  I realized that God had a plan for me and that his plan might not be the plan I had for myself but that it is by far the best plan for my life.  I had a thirst to learn more about my faith and with the help of my SIL, I began to read and better understand how to accept God's grace in my life.  Since making the decision to being open to His plan for me, I would definitely say that the internal struggle I felt before is gone.  It's like walking on a treadmill, expecting to go somewhere and finding yourself in the same place you started.  But once I began to make choices that He was urging me to make, things in my life started to flow.  I felt like I finally found my calling.

So four kids later and six years of staying at home, I have not tired of my new role in life.  I relish the plan that God has for me.  I love my job because that is what I consider it to be.  I am a mom, homemaker, organizer, party planner, cook, house cleaner, etc.  Call me what you want, I just consider it to all fall under the same job title-Mom.  I don't wish for more, like employment outside of the home or less stress in the home.  I truly love what I do everyday and am thankful everyday that I have a DH who works so hard for me to be able to continue to stay at home.  I also hope to add more little ones to our family but of course, that is in God's hands and I trust that if our family is ready to grow, that God will bless us with another beautiful life. 

I guess I've decided to start a blog just to see what it's all about.  There are some crazy things that happen and so many funny stories to share that I thought maybe the blogosphere would be a good place to share some of them because maybe others will be able to relate or maybe someone else will see that they are not the only one.  I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and I will post again soon, assuming I figure out how to!

Busy Mommy Blogger