Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thank you God for the blessing of today!

I was so excited to wake up today because my daughter turned six a week ago and we put together a surprise party for her at a roller skating rink.  There are so many times that it almost slipped out and I love doing things that are surprising and make people happy it was hard not to!  Unfortunately for my daughter, she will remember that party even more because of the black eye she wore.  My four year old accidently fell on her while they were jumping on the trampoline and now she has the biggest shiner I've ever seen!

It was so amazing to see my daughter trying and working and not giving up on her roller skates.  She wanted so badly to be able to roller skate.  She is a clumsy child who is always falling and stumbling and losing her balance.  Just like her mother I guess.  But she did wonderfully on her roller skates.  It's amazing how the little things in life can just  make your heart swell up!  I felt so proud of her for working so hard to skate and for skating so well on her first trip to the skating rink.  I think by the time I left, my face hurt from laughing and smiling.

My two year old was also in skates and he just kept cracking us all up.  He was jumping, going backwards and laughing the entire time!  It was absolutely adorable to watch him going around and around the rink as if he were just like all the other big kids.  He has no idea his size or age, he just goes with the flow.  It surely helped that he was wearing plastic roller skates that are practically impossible to fall in.  My four year old started in regular roller skates but after numerous falls and uncontrollable crying, he switched to the plastic skates as well.  Once he was in the easier skates he felt like a pro and was zooming around with everyone else.

The only bad part about today?  NO NAPS!  Aaaah!  There is a reason God made children with a need to nap.  My four year old was so exhausted by 5 o clock that all he could do was cry.  It wasn't even like a boisterous cry, it was one of those silent cries.  Like he's so upset he can't even get any sound out!  LOL!  Poor guy.  We would ask him what was wrong and he just couldn't even form the words to explain it.  Of course, when kids are crying because they are tired, they don't really know how to explain why they are crying because they don't even know why themselves.  I'm glad I am a mom who VERY rarely skips naps.  My in laws like to say I'm anal or inflexible but I consider myself a realist who understands that a child's need is more important than my desire.  I also understand that THEY don't have to deal with my crabby children when they skip a nap!

There is nothing sexier than seeing your husband be a fun, silly daddy with his kids!  I think my husband wants to go back to the skating rink tomorrow....ha!

Now I am so exhausted I can't wait to pass out to mindless tv on the couch.  Life is all about days like today.  Days that are unforgettable for everyone involved.  Thank you God for the blessing of today!

Thanks for reading!

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