Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sometimes the best plan is the one you didn't plan.

Today was supposed to be a gorgeous day.  Sunny, hot, perfect for swimming and grilling out.  So after we got home from church and ate lunch, we put the babies down for naps and packed a bag for the pool.  We had a plan to grill out at my parents house so I was so excited to see the kids splashing around in the pool and have a nice dinner I didn't have to cook or clean up after.  The two big kids have been taking swimming lessons and I couldn't wait to see them in the big pool using their new skills.

Once the babies woke up, we piled into the car and drove the 30 minutes to my mom and dad's.  The sky grew darker and darker as we drove.  I texted to see if it was raining there but my mom said it wasn't.  Three minutes later she texted me to say that it was and to just meet her at her house.  By the time we got inside my parents house, the rain started to come down.  Not even slow at first, it was like someone filled up a giant bucket and dumped it out all at once.  The rain was bad but the wind was worse.  The temperature dropped about ten degrees and I knew we weren't going to the pool anymore.  I was so disappointed but being the Mom, I had to pretend that it would be much more exciting to not go to the pool.

Luckily, my parents have a hot tub and the kids could not wait to get in.  They splashed, swam, played with toys.  It was adorable.  I couldn't help but gaze at my children in absolute wonder.  Not one of them said one word about the pool.  And my parents are truly amazing.  Every experience that my children have at their home is all about them.  There is special food for them, special drinks, dishes, etc.  As parents we have to keep our children grounded.  You have to build them up without spoiling them, help them have self confidence without developing a big ego, allow them to have fun but not get out of control.  Grandparents are like the opposite.  Their whole job is to make them feel like they are the most important, funny, lovable children in the world.  When they are at my parent's house, it is all about them.  What an amazing and special feeling that must be for a child.

There was a time a doctor told me I may never have children and my heart ached at the idea.  Now my heart aches in a different way when I see my four beautiful, perfect children.  Children are God's greatest creation.  They are so innocent, so wholesome, and so open to the world around them.  When I breathe it all in and see how truly blessed I am, I almost can't stand it, I almost don't believe it.  It's like I'm dreaming and could wake up at any time.  God truly dreams a bigger dream for us then we could ever dream ourselves.  Walking out of church a women told me how beautiful my children are and to cherish this time because it goes so fast.  I realize this to be true but won't be able to fully comprehend it until my children are grown.  Please God help me capture the memories of today so I can remember them tomorrow.

And just when I start to get lost in how blessed and beautiful my life is, someone says they have poop.  Lol!  Today it was my four year old, standing in the middle of my mother's kitchen with diarrhea running down his leg.  BAM!  Right back to reality, time to take off the rose colored glasses and get back into the dirty business of life.  And while my husband was cleaning him up, I tried to keep my seven month old from putting her hands in her own poop while I changed her diaper.   Laughter is the only way to survive.  If you can't laugh when times are trying, how are you going to make it to the times when it's not.  So thank you God for the gift of laughter and please help me find the humor, even on the worst days!

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