Monday, September 9, 2013

Hooray for my four year old!

I am so proud of my four year old today!  He had a great day!  I know this really shouldn't be news but if you were in MY house 24/7, you would understand why it is.  My husband and I are working so hard to praise my four year old, which sounds easier than it often is.  I should really clarify here, and anyone who has a little boy can probably empathize.  My son is a typical little boy.  I used to think that was a cliché, to talk about how wild and crazy and energetic boys are, but now I know it's the TRUTH! 

My four year old isn't naughty (I hate that word anyway), he is just incredibly impulsive and active.  There is no contemplation about behavior and consequences.  You can tell him "no" while he is doing something and he will continue to do it until your voice is either resonating from the rafters or you physically remove him from the area he is in.  Neither of which I prefer to do.  I would prefer to say "no" less than a dozen times and have him listen but I suppose that would be like living in a utopia....

Anyway, he just started 4K so we are working really hard with him to calm down and consider the consequences of his behavior.  We are trying to find the good things he does as often as possible and making sure that he has a consequence when his behavior is disruptive or mean.  My son really responds to positive reinforcement (what kid doesn't!) so I don't care what it is that he does, if it is something I can praise him for, I will.  Things are so hit or miss with him too, you never know which way his behavior will go!

The wonderful thing about him is that he is really so sweet.  He is incredibly helpful and the first one to volunteer when there is a job to be done.  I love seeing him help his little brother too, it makes my heart swell!  Some days are so exhausting trying to keep up with my four year old.  Some days are so frustrating too, like when you feel you can't have him play with anyone because he is just being too rough.  But today, I felt like Goldilocks because everything was "just right".  What a nice feeling to sit down at the end of the day and know that you got to have an awesome night with a little boy who is trying to figure out how to make more good choices than bad choices.

Thanks for reading!

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