Thursday, September 12, 2013

He's so CUTE!!

I just can't handle how adorable my two year old is right now!  He is just so precious and has this amazing little twinkle in his eye.  It's funny, but when I am around him, he just immediately puts me in a good mood.  He's absolutely hilarious.  He is really into football right now so his favorite game is to run around the basement while I throw a football to him and if he catches it, I get to tackle him. 

I love that he has figured out that he has language and words and that his words are powerful, that when he uses his words he can communicate.  It has opened up a whole new world to him and because of that, he never stops talking.  He literally talks from the moment he wakes up till the moment he goes to sleep.  I love all his little catch phrases.  "I no see it."  "Wha you doeen momma?"  "I no do it, it to hah (hard)."  "Fah, Sah, Ha Spa, men (Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Amen)."

I really could go on and on but you can't really get the full effect without hearing it anyway.  I'm just so thankful to have this little light in my life.  My two year old has this special gift and I have people come up to me on an almost daily basis to comment on his gift.  I am so excited to see how his gift serves him in the future. 

It's so neat too, to see the older kids melt when they are around my two year old.  At night after we tuck the big kids in bed, he always has to go potty one last time.  When he is done, he goes back into the big kid's room to give kisses, hugs, say I love you, and say goodnight.  When the kids get out of school they are so excited to see him and tell him all about their day.  I love the mischievous little grin my two year old has or the twinkle in his eye that lets you know he is up to something.  I just love the innocence and preciousness of a two year old.  I am really thankful for him, as well as all of my children.  They all have special and unique qualities that make our family so beautiful.  I love how different they all are, it's like having an amazing fruit salad.  Alone all the fruit is great but together they make an incredible combination.  I love my fruit salad!

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