Friday, November 22, 2013

Quick bit of advice.....

Never kiss a sick baby in the dark!  This might sound silly or absurd but I assure you this is good advice.  My baby was in her crib this morning and woke up fussing just a little.  I very quickly brushed my teeth and then went into her room to get her.

I knew she had a cold, she's been battling it for a few days now but I just love that little kiddo so much I always kiss her good morning!  One thing I should say first is that I am totally paranoid and anal about noise and light waking up sleeping kids so I did not turn her light on out of fear that the light pouring into the hallway would creep under the door of my sleeping toddler.

So I grabbed my beautiful baby, wrapped her up, and planted a big smooch right on her lips!  Unfortunately what I got was a mouthful of runny, slippery, wet, nose snot.  It was like kissing a puddle of slime, I thought I was going to drown!  Blah!!  I couldn't wipe my lips fast enough.  So just to save anyone else from having a similar experience:  Never kiss a sick baby in the dark!

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