Monday, November 18, 2013

Sick babies:(

My two littlest babies are sick today:(  It is heart wrenching to see your kiddos with even so much as a cold!  I could tell my youngest was sick the second I got her out of her crib.  She was so hot and her eyes looked droopy and red.  She was miserable all morning.  When she gets sick, all she wants is for me to sit on the floor and to lay on my chest. 

My two year old woke up with a horrible cough and his chest sounds congested and sore.  He was worn out and crabby all morning.  We stopped at the store after dropping the big kids off at school and picked up Zarbee's.  If you have never heard of it, buy it!  I love it.  It is all natural and safe.  There is an infant's version and toddler/big kid version.  It really does help the cough.  We are also big fans of VaporRub in this house and I am so glad they have an infant one too!

I thought about buying a humidifier for my two year old but am not really sure it would help.  What do you do with sick kids?  Any other great homemade remedies or natural soothers?

Hopefully my little ones will be better soon, my heart aches for my sick babies!

Thanks for reading!

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