Thursday, October 10, 2013

A laundry list of kid tales.

Kids are so cool!  While I was sitting outside watching my beautiful children play, I spied my two year old pleasantly eating his crackers at the bottom of the slide.  While I watched him lovingly, enjoying his beautiful innocence, he tenderly outstretched his arm, cracker in hand, and gave the dog a bite.  He patiently waited for the dog, who ever so gently was taking a nibble off of his cracker, and then proceeded to put the cracker back into his own mouth, taking a bite before sharing again with the dog.

Good thing he's not my oldest, I wouldn't have freeeeeaaaked out back when she was little.  Now I don't stress the small stuff.  I can still remember being on the phone with the Health and Safety Center reporting a case of salmonella that my husband was recovering from when I had to run screaming across the yard after my then two year old (now four year old), to "Stop playing with poop!  Put that back on the ground!  Yucky!  Blah!  Yucky!"

And then today, before going outside, I looked over and saw my two year old with the "Elmo" phone (an old iPhone that only works as an iPod) to his ear pretending to be in a deep and intense conversation.  When he saw me look over he said, "Sorry momma."  With a shrug of his shoulders and as serious as the plague.  I thought I would get in on the game and put my phone to my ear and pretended to be calling him but he stopped me abruptly and said, "No momma!  I on my phone!"  I don't think I'm on the phone that much but is he trying to send me a message?......

And one last little story.  We had haircuts the other day and my husband decided he wanted my oldest son's hair to be cut short.  I didn't want to but said "ok" since I always choose the kids' haircuts.  Now, however, I wish I had said "NO!"  I know that hair grows back and it's not a big deal, but I HATE IT!!  That is definitely the last time I let him make hair decisions!!  When a child has beautiful hair, DON'T CUT IT!  Now I am stuck wondering how long hair takes to grow back on a little boy. :(

That's the end of my laundry list of stories, hope you enjoyed reading them!

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