Monday, October 14, 2013


I was watching Oprah once a long time ago and there was a SAHM on who said if she had to sit and play with play-doh with her kids one more time, she was going to shoot herself.  I didn't think much of it then because I wasn't a SAHM, but now that I am I realize that there are moms who want to stay at home and enjoy all the mundane every day activities that come with it and there are moms who are truly not fulfilled by staying at home.  I think it's great if you can stay at home and do, but I think it's only good for your kids if you are happy staying at home. 

We as moms are put in such a hard position.  If we stay at home we "just" stay at home and the things we do for our family are overlooked or over simplified.  "Of course you have time to do such and such, you just stay at home!"  I hate that!  I am so busy everyday with my kids and taking care of the house, not to mention if there are errands to be done that day.  Moms who go back to work are also made to feel bad because they are giving their kids to someone else for 8 hours each day.  They have demands on them not only from the workplace but also at home, trying to keep up with the daily responsibilities of having a family.

For me, I don't really care what moms choose to do, so long as they are happy I believe their kids will be happy.  No one wants a mom around all day if she is grumpy and no one wants a mom at work if she's unhappy not being at home.  So, here's to all you mommies!  I hope you are able to tune out the rest of the world and do what is best for YOU and YOUR family!

Btw, I love playing with play-doh with my two year old!  Everything is so new and exciting to him!  It is so neat to see him playing with all the cool stuff in the play-doh bin.

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