Friday, October 25, 2013

Are you ready?

It's about to be one of the craziest weekends of the year.  HALLOWEEN!!  We are busy getting all of our Trick or Treat stuff ready.  Window clings?  Check.  Pumpkins?  Check.  Costumes?  Check.  Plastic candy holding pumpkins?  Check.  A fear of overly sugared up small children?  Check, check, and check.

Tomorrow we will be carving pumpkins and baking pumpkin seeds, an annual tradition at our house.  Sunday we will be going to my parents house to make caramel apples (a tradition I would like to start) and trick or treat, then back to our house for trick or treating with the neighbors.  Get ready people!  It's going to be a stressful, crazy, exciting, picture filled weekend!

Thanks for reading!

Busy Mommy Blogger