Sunday, October 20, 2013

Go Packers!

It's another Packer Sunday and another day for Packer food!  Today we had an "orange" theme.  I don't usually stick to a theme of any sort but it just sorta worked out that way.  I made orange cream cookies, orange dip (an oniony chip dip handed down from my grandmother), and some spicy molasses drumsticks.  My mom and dad came over too and brought some cheese spread and crackers and different types of fudge. 

Turning chicken after broiling 12 min.
Putting chicken in slow cooker after broiling.

The kids were crazy for the first half hour of my parents being over.  I'm not sure why they all have to act like they just ate some pixie sticks and washed them down with Mountain Dew but it is inevitable that they will act crazy whenever company comes over because they are just so excited.

Boiling and reducing sauce from slow cooker.

Serving chicken!
I was able to make my cookies and dip last night and just had to make the chicken today which is actually really easy since it is a slow cooker dish.  I also like to wait until the drumsticks go on sale.  15 drumsticks for four bucks is a great price.  Everybody loved the food and the Packers won too, so all in all, it was a great afternoon! 

An update from yesterday's blog:  The kids love the applesauce!  I think I might make a bunch of applesauce and freeze it, we do tend to eat a lot of applesauce in the winter and the baby likes it too!

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